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Educational Documents Required

DOCUMENTATION: Although applicants are encouraged to send originals, GSA will often accept clear, legible photocopies of educational documents (transcripts of grades, marks sheets, diplomas, certificates, professional qualifications, etc.) for evaluation. English translations must accompany those documents not issued in English. If the translations are considered inaccurate by GSA, certified professional translations may be required. When an applicant submits photocopies for evaluation, he or she should be prepared to present the original documents to the recipient of an evaluation.

ORIGINALS: Please note that GSA requires original documents for persons who need an evaluation for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examinations, law examinations, professional registrations, on-line programs and some other purposes. These documents should be sent to GSA in a secure manner to ensure safe delivery. The originals will be returned to the applicant in a similar method. An additional fee of $25.00/$35.00 is required for copying and returning original documents within the U.S.  Please check with GSA to determine the fee and method of returning original documents outside the U.S.

INCOMPLETE FILE: GSA will notify the applicant if additional documents are required. All photocopies and applications become the property of GSA. The Service reserves the right to request original documents, if not submitted, from the applicant or to request verification from the institution(s) attended. An additional fee is required for returning  original documents. (See previous paragraph.)