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Evaluation Process and Timing

GSA provides two types of evaluations: (1) An equivalency statement indicating the level of education the applicant has reached in his or her home country and the equivalent level in the United States, including an overall grade point average (GPA) when an equivalency statement is requested for educational purposes, and (2) A course-by-course analysis which includes the same information as in an equivalency statement plus a listing of the courses completed, semester units, equivalent grades, upper and lower division indicators and a GPA.

Applicants are responsible for checking with the agency or institution for which the evaluation is intended to determine whether GSA’s report will be recognized and which type of evaluation is required. One original evaluation will be sent to the applicant and to each organization listed on the application. Although most evaluations are completed within 20 working days after all documents have been received, additional time may be required to complete complicated cases. Please see the Fee Schedule on the Application for additional services and costs.

Evaluations are based on information currently available on world educational systems. GSA follows closely or parallels the placement recommendations developed by the former National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. Every effort will be made to provide the most accurate evaluation possible. Evaluations and documents will be retained for at least three years.

All transactions are conducted by mail. Completed evaluations are sent by first class mail, unless requested otherwise (see Fee Schedule).